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Welcome to Andy’s Local Spotlight!

Hello and welcome to the Andy’s Local Spotlight website!!

If you are reading this then you are one of the first people to visit my site. THANK YOU!!

I can’t explain how excited I am for this moment! After one full year of running Spotlights on social media the time has come to expand. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, here we are! Let me introduce you to

I’m truly thrilled to be able to launch this site. This site was created in order to further enhance my ability to help the local businesses that we both love. I want every mom and pop local business to grow, succeed and thrive. In conjunction with the social media pages that you’ve come to know this site will give readers a super easy and convenient method of discovering new businesses. On top of this, every business can add themselves for FREE! That’s right, FREE!

The mission of Andy’s Local Spotlight has always been to help and support local businesses and having a directory that they can list themselves on for free is my way of keeping this promise.

Along with this directory I’ll be posting what I hope are blogs that everyone enjoys about these same businesses. These posts will give the reader a much deeper view of the businesses than my social media posts can. If you want to keep up with everything that I do, hit subscribe!

As time progresses, I’ll be adding more functions, fun, and pages to the site. Look for a growing list of partners, recipes and recommendations coming soon! As always if you have a suggestion, shoot me an email.

You know how I do things, so you know I’m going to have some fun with everything along the way.

I hope you enjoy,


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