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Lowell Restaurant Week 2021

If you enjoy eating out as much as I do, you definitely love a good restaurant week.

Well, guess what? We are smack dab in the middle of an excellent restaurant week!

Happening now and lasting through July 31st Lowell, Massachusetts is hosting a restaurant week of their own.


Like breakfast? Got it! Hankering for lunch? You’ll find it! Want a delightful dinner? Definitely not a problem! Any type of meal that you could want can be found from the restaurants that are participating in Lowell Restaurant Week.

In my opinion Lowell has one of the most diverse and interesting culinary cultures around. Restaurant week highlights this to an extreme degree. There is everything from American BBQ to Asian fare to Colombian delicacies. One of the best parts of Lowell is its restaurants. You legitimately have the ability to walk from establishment to establishment without even crossing a street if you want. If you like to cross streets, that opens up even more restaurants for you to visit.


The specials that are being run are almost too good to pass up. Every participating restaurant is running a special that highlights their menu. I’ll tell you right now, that everything I’ve tried has been delectable. I’ve eaten at number of the restaurants already and plan to eat at as many as possible before the week is over.

I can’t tell you what I think the best restaurants are, because I’ve honestly enjoyed them all so far.

Lowell decided to do a restaurant week this year, because they are unable to host the traditional Lowell Folk Festival (one of my favorite yearly events!). As a way to bring more people back to Lowell and to help the businesses who normally have a massive increase in sales during Folk Fest, Lowell thought that a restaurant week would a great idea. I obviously agree 100% with this. Restaurant weeks are an amazing way to try many restaurants that you normally wouldn’t. Restaurant weeks have a way of bringing the community together. They entice people who may normally skip certain types of food to try what they wouldn’t. They showcase the area in a way that only food can. I grew up with the thought that food brings people together and I still firmly believe that. I always celebrate with some sort of food whether its simple cake or a large meal, which conveniently you can find at these excellent restaurants this week.




Here’s a list of the restaurants that are participating and a link for full details. I can’t help but absolutely recommend that you try as many as you can. Come support local businesses!

Details are HERE

The restaurants are:

El Potro Mexican Grill, Mill City BBQ & Brew, Cobblestones of Lowell, Lowell Culinary Collaborative

Gallery Z, Fuse, Time Out Café and Eatery, Purple Carrot Bread Co, The Worthen House Café

Tasty Dumplings, Panela, Trend, Warp and Weft

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